English for PhD students

Today the English is the language No 1 in science. Therefore our postgraduate students are required to have a good level of English and they must prove it by taking the exam VCJ/PG(S)AJ English exam for postgraduate students. The exam is given five times each academic year.

The exam is designed to test whether the postgraduate students have sufficient knowledge of English for their studies, stays abroad and scientific work. The required level is a B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The written part tests reading comprehension, listening comprehension and basic Academic writing skills. The Writing part includes a description of a graph (factual-writing) and opinion writing (persuasive writing), the principles of which students have to know to be able to write academic papers with the appropriate structure.

The Speaking part consists of an English presentation, the aim of which is to prove the required knowledge of English and that of the principles of a presentation.

As to the English courses, postgraduate students are welcome to take part in any of our courses for postgraduate students and faculty, or, upon approval by teachers, in those for undergraduate students.

Detailed information, FAQ, sample tests and tips are available on our website.

Czech for foreigners

The Department of Foreign Languages every year offers a course of Czech for foreign PhD students and employees.

Starting in the academic year 2021/2022, we are organizing an exam in Czech (A2/B1 level). It reflects the needs of foreign PhD students in the Czech study programme.