Compulsory courses

Students of most one-discipline programmes have a compulsory English course in their curricula. Students involved in teaching programmes have the choice of English, German or Russian courses.

Detailed information about the compulsory courses for the particular study programmes is available in the Faculty list of courses or in STAG .

An output level of competence in essential compulsory foreign language courses is level B1+ of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This level is classified as an independent user of a language. This is a minimum language level of competence students must achieve in such courses.

Recognition of a compulsory course

Students who have passed an internationally recognised exam or the State Exam for a foreign language can apply for recognition of a compulsory course at level B2. The application forms should be submitted to the Head of KCJ. Such students must produce a certificate proving at least level B2. For the exams, see List of recognised exams that are classified by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Other students whose English is above level B2 but who cannot prove it with any certificate may be allowed to take the “B2 English Exam” to prove their language competence. The exam takes place at the beginning of the winter semester. However, the examination is only open to such students who have achieved excellent results in our “Entrance Test”. If they pass the exam, the compulsory course is considered completed. For a sample test, see Sample test (including the key).

Additional courses

KCJ offers a wide range of additional language courses at higher language levels. The courses are available to all our students and focus on the development and improvement of speaking skills, writing skills, presentation skills, grammar and academic or scientific language.

Our offer of language courses is very broad so our students have a good opportunity to maintain and improve their language skills. For a brief summary of the courses offered by KCJ, see List of all courses. For detailed information about particular courses including requirements, see English coursesGerman courses or Russian courses.